Argentina: Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls

We arrive in Buenos Aires to be met by driver Mauro who whisks us the 30km to the swanky district of Recoleta in the south of the city. Our heads are turning here and there as we marvel at the wonderful French style buildings for which this part of the city is famous. It’s easy to see why BA is referred to as “the Paris of South America”.

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Chile: from Valparaiso to the Southern volcanoes

At the end of our Peru adventure, we have eight days on our own before the tour of Chile begins on April 1st. We decide to spend the free time in Chile rather than linger in Peru. After a night flight from Lima to Santiago we hop on the reliable Turbus to one of the six major bus stations in the city. We are bound first for Valparaiso 100km north west of Santiago.

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New Zealand…Sweet As

Flying into Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island the stunning views of the Southern Alps provided a glimpse of what lay ahead for the next two weeks. Larger than their European namesake, the Southern Alps include Mount Cook – New Zealand’s highest mountain at 12k feet – and provided many key locations for the Lord of The Rings movies.

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China (a country in a hurry)

Just like nomadic travellers, countries don’t stand still either. They are constantly evolving economically and culturally.  This is no more obvious than when travelling in China as we did in March 2017.

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Return to Vietnam

Returning to places for which you hold fond memories always risks a newer, lesser, reality erasing them. This is especially so in Asia where the pace of change can radically alter older parts of city’s where the essential character of a place is to be found. So, with some trepidation we have returned to Vietnam for extended stays at two of our favourite places (Hoi An and Hanoi).

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